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Keeping Your Browsing Secure

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a virtual private network or VPN that helps you encrypt and anonymize your internet traffic. When you need to add a protective layer on your digital privacy, this app is perfect for you. Not only does it keep your online identity secured, but it also allows you to get around blocks and firewalls that restrict your access on certain sites. 

Protecting Your Digital Privacy

As with other VPN apps, Private Internet Access is keen to have your privacy protected. It offers a wide range of security features, making it a fine choice for VPN customers. These services are designed from the ground up to be able to operate using built-in technology that exists in your computer. It works at the TCP/IP interface level so it can secure all your applications and not just your web browser. 

One of the security layers that Private Internet Access provides is its IP cloaking function. This hides your IP address to block unwanted exposure and potential data leaks. The app's IP cloak masks your real IP address with one of its anonymous IP address, effectively keeping websites and internet services from tracking your online habits and geographic location.  

Additionally, Private Internet Access defends users from data monitoring and eavesdropping. The app utilizes high-grade encryption based on the cryptographically secured Blowfish CBC algorithm. This secures your data transmission so you can be sure that you are protected even in the most insecure and dangerous hotspots and networks. 

Furthermore, Private Internet Access can help you block unwanted connections. With its advanced firewall and filtering capabilities, the app can make sure that you will never receive unwanted connections to your computer. This function will keep all network intrusions out so that the only openings to the outside internet will be those you created.

Breaking Restrictions

Private Internet Access keeps your digital privacy protected, but it does not limit your browsing capabilities. In fact, the app can help you access websites that are otherwise restricted. If you are blocked by strict censorship by ISP or firewall, it will bypass the censorship to give you unrestricted access. 

In addition, the app helps you unblock any software blocked by your ISP,  including P2P and other software applications. Private Internet Access comes with Swiss gateways, which provide the strongest level of privacy available. 

To use Private Internet Access, you will need to subscribe to a plan. This will give you a license to protect up to five devices simultaneously, so you can secure your device at home, at school, or at work. You can pay thru PayPal and credit cards but you can also pay in secure formats, including digital currencies like Bitcoin and even coffee shop gift cards. You can pay monthly or sign-up to a longer-term package. 

Private Internet Access is a simple and straightforward software with a minimal interface. Once it is running, it can stay that way as long as you want.

Solid Security

If you are looking for an easy-to-use VPN that offers robust protection, Private Internet Access is a sound choice. It offers a wide array of services and rigorous security features that can keep your device protected from unwanted connections and tracking. And with a simple interface, it won't take time for you to familiarize how the app works. The app even offers less customizability than other VPN apps, so you can start your browsing at once. This app is a reliable choice for users who wants a fast and secure VPN with a simple interface. 

pros: Easy-to-Use, Robust Security Features, Numerous International Servers, Allows P2P Traffic cons: Limited and Bland User Interface, Can Only Secure Up to Five Devices Simultaneously

Private Internet Access VPN software encrypts users' Internet traffic for safe and anonymous Web browsing. It also allows users to unlock websites and

Protects users’ privacy and identity when browsing online; encypts Internet connection including public wifi; unblocks censorship filters:

-Encrypts Internet connection
-Unlocks Censorship Filters
-Protects Users’ Privacy and Identity

No traffic logs, low price, fast speed, unlimited bandwidth, socks5 proxy included, MACE ad block feature, 1 account can be connected and work on up to 5 devices simultaneously, professional support staff.

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Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access 2.1.0 for PC

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  • Jay Berkman

    by Jay Berkman

    I feel safer on the internet knowing PIA is between me and eavesdroppers.

  • david james

    by david james

    a friend of my introduce me to it so now i want to try thanks

  • Nana Icing

    by Nana Icing

    Private internet access is a good site because it helps in soo many things like changing of ur contacts,changing of your country and soMore

  • fahrul baek

    by fahrul baek

    i like aplication, beacause i will see video and picture girl

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